Introduction to Environmental Science


Goals for Environmental Science
  • Why are we here?
  • What can we do together?

Assignment 1: Online Discussion - Due xyz
Think about the two questions above. Copy them. Click on the tab labeled "discussion" at the top of the page. Paste the questions into your discussion and answer them in two separate paragraphs. Once you have added your own discussion post, you must log in later in the week and comment on two of your classmates posts.
- Recommendation - Create your first post by the end of school on Wednesday. Check back Thursday afternoon and reply to two other posts.
This Discussion Assignment is worth 20 points and will be graded according to the Discussion Rubric.
If you are not sure how this works, click here for How to Post a Discussion

Assignment 2: Environmental Awareness Activity - xyz
Click here for the Word document:

Wednesday/Friday - Outside
Monday - on the computer/in the library

Causes of environmental problems- Theories!

Assignment 3 - Begun xyz

A huge thank you to Hayley for finding previews of the text on GoogleBooks online! At least for this activity, you won't have to carry the book around.!

- In the paperback textbook, "Environmental Science", read your assigned section on the "Roots of the Environmental Crisis"

Religious Roots (p. 35)

Cultural Roots(p. 36)

Biological and Evolutionary Roots(p. 37)

Psychological and Economic Roots(p. 39)

Your group should designate one member to create and share a GoogleDoc with everyone in the group and with Mrs. V as well.
  • Summarize the described "roots."
  • Describe when and how this theory originated.
  • What do you think about this theory?
  • How much do you think it contributes to the actual problems (a % fault, maybe?)

This is due at the end of class on Wednesday 9/15!!!

Day 2

  • The documents have comments on them (purple/bold/italic). Please answer or expand where requested.
  • Be sure that everyone in your group understands the "root" issues.
  • Complete this by xyz
  • Share the root cause that your group studied with the rest of the class, pointing out strengths and weaknesses of the theory


  • Click on the Discussion Tab at the top of this page and find the threads numbered 1-3.
  • Answer one of them fully.
  • Check back and comment on someone else's answer in another thread.
  • Due before 5pm on Friday 9/17 (when I will lock the threads)
  • This is worth 8 points - 5 points for your original post, 3 for your reply to a classmate

Environmental Issues - What are they (definition)? How do they happen?
I. Resource Depletion
II. Pollution
III. Extinction

Handout packet: Issue 2 - Carrying Capacity and Ecological Footprint
Read, do all calculations, answer all questions up through 2-9. Choose one of the "For Further Thought" questions #2-10 to 2-13 and write or word process your answer (including documentation if requested).
This Classwork Assignment is worth 25 points for correct math calculations and thoughtful sentence answers.

- Assigned xyz. Due xyz.

Click on the Ecological Footprint Activity Page and follow the directions.

This Discussion Assignment is worth 10 points and will be graded according to the Discussion Rubric.

Ecological Footprint Activity Page

Hydrosphere - Lithosphere - Atmosphere (definitions)

Hydrosphere -

Lithosphere -

Atmosphere -

Their area of intersection is the Biosphere!

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