World Population

Tuesday - May 26 - What is Population? Begin Investigation 19: World Population Growth - Due on Thursday, May 28 (with graphs, short answers, etc)
Wednesday - May 27 - Went out to look at solar panel installation
Thursday - May 28 - Work on Inv. 19 during class and ask questions. Begin Guided Reading 13.1 - Due at beginning of class tomorrow
Friday - May 29 - Inv. 19 Due, Guided Reading 13.1 Due. Review some of the answers in class. Begin work on 26.1 Population: More is Less - Due on Monday (individual graphs from Part I, group answers from Part II, individual answers from Part III)

Monday - June 1 - - Group work on 26.1 Population: More is Less

Tuesday - June 2 26.1 Population: More is Less is due (graphs, group and individual answers) Watch Doubling Time video in class. Guided Reading 13.2 - Due at beginning of class tomorrow (be sure Guided Reading 13.1 is done as well)
Wednesday - June 3 - Begin Investigation 20: Doubling Time in Exponential Growth

I may change the next two days - going to read over the two activities this afternoon...

Thursday - June 4 - Inv. 20 Doubling Time is due. Review some questions and hand in.

Friday - June 5 Begin Issue 1: Global Population Growth: Is It Sustainable? - Specific Problems assigned in class. Due at the end of class on Monday.

Answers to select questions:

1-1. Populations 2025 - 16.63 billion 2050 - 39.67 billion 2100 - 225 billion
1-2. Growth rate 1.18%

1-5 Growth rate of 0.8%

1-18. Population of 584,000(e^344) My baby calculator blew up on this one. Plug the formula into your graphing calculator for an answer!

Malthus and Population links:
from The Victorian Web
Summary of Malthus' prediction
Presentation on Malthus and Food Production
Malthusian Delusions
Wikipedia on Malthusian Catastrophe

Monday - June 8 - Work on Issue 1 packet. Due at end of class.

Exponential Growth - these are very famous lectures available on YouTube and TeacherTube. You may have seen them in a math class.

The Places We Live from the Nobel Peace Center (graphic images, in terms of lifestyle)