Biomes- What is a biome? What are components of a biome? What niche do animals fulfill in various biomes? Give specific examples of adaptations for several biomes.

Biome Links - use these resources to help you do any/all of your biome assignments

these links include both land and
water biomes
these links are solely land biomes
Biomes of the World
Biomes of the World #2
KDE World Biomes
MBGNet: Biomes of the World
The World's Biomes
Introduction to Biomes
Earth Floor: Biomes

Land Biomes

- There are seven defined land biomes. You should know their general conditions as well as several specific plant and animal adaptations for each one!

Assignment 1: Complete these both of the biome charts. You will be using them to study. They are due on Monday, 11/8/10 (5 points for each!)
Download these two charts to begin in class on Thursday, 11/4/10

Assignment 2- Land Biomes – Due Wednesday, 11/10/10 at 3pm. This is worth 25 points (see below for the rubric)
To complete this assignment, you will need to edit the wiki, which means you will need your wiki user-name and password.

Choose one of the biomes from the chart below - choose only what is listed!

Create a wiki page with the following information about your biome:
➢ Name of the biome
➢ A map showing its location.
➢ 3 examples of locations you could go to visit your biome
➢ Its typical latitudes and/or altitudes
➢ Annual precipitation
➢ Soil conditions
➢ Temperature range
➢ Seasonal conditions (4 seasons, rainy season, short growing season, etc.)
➢ 5 examples of plants (with pictures) for 3 of those examples, write one sentence about its adaptation specialty
➢ 5 examples of animals (with pictures) for 3 of those examples, write one sentence about its adaptation specialty
➢ Bibliography page – formal bibliography for both information and pictures! You may use NoodleTools, Bibme, Son of Citation Machine, whatever your personal preference is…

You may work with one partner. Choose one of the biome pages below. When you click on the name/link, you will be taken to a new blank page
Grasslands 1 - Hayley

Desert 1 - Rin and Sarah P (American southwest)
Desert 2 - Justin & Fidelia (Gobi Desert or Sahara)
Tundra 1 - John

Taiga 1 - Melanie and Paula
Taiga 2 - Josh
Temperate Rain Forests 1 - MaryClare and Sarah F
Temperate Rain Forests 2 - Maddie and Emma
Tropical Rain Forests 1 - Kelsey & Tori

Temperate Deciduous Forests 1 Adolfo

Extra Credit Opportunity!!!
Create a visual Trophic Pyramid for your Biome, showing the top predator, its prey, and any lower level prey moving down to the plants the animals consume at the bottom level. This could be a poster, maybe a Glogster, or other visual of your choice! This is worth an extra 5 points above the required 25.

Grading Rubric:
Points Possible
Name of Biome
(location clearly marked)
3 examples of locations
(as specific as possible!)
Latitudes and/or altitudes
Annual Precipitation
(in cm)
Temperature Range
(low to high)
Seasonal Conditions
(hot/cold, wet/dry?)
5 Plants
(with pictures)
5 Animals
(with pictures)

Biome Reviews!
Click here to review Biome I material
Click here to review Biome II material

This is the end of marking period 1!!!

Water Biomes

Raise your hand and show me when you are reading this page!

Check updated videos available on the server Watch videos on Water
Biomes and take notes.
Finish watching videos.

Distribute Marine Biomes notes sheets.
Use these as you read the discussion posts to take notes on animals/plants and their adaptations

Discussion post due by midnight tonight.
Diagram review in class.

Distribute "Aquatic Diversity" and begin in class. Due Thursday at the beginning of class.
Review material for the test.
Water Biome Test

- There are both marine (saltwater) and freshwater biomes as well as one that combines the two characteristics. You should know how they differ and how scientists "organize" their zones according to function. You should also know how animals, plants, and other organisms adapt to these biomes.

Notes & diagrams on water biomes...

Assignment #1 for Water Biomes - Done on Tuesday, November 16th! Checked on Wednesday 11/17 at the beginning of class!

In the PAPERBACK text, read pp. 86-93 and define:
Words to know: photic, aphotic, littoral, profundal, abyssal, benthic zone, limnetic, pelagic, intertidal, coral reef, open ocean, estuary, freshwater, marine, brackish

Assignment #2 for Water Biomes - Click on the Discussion tab above and REPLY to my starting post! It is due by midnight on Tuesday, November 30th.

1a- Watch the movie "Biomes of the World" on the server. Use it to take notes/remind yourselves of biomes and the adaptations of plants and animals that live there (this covers both land and water biomes)

1b - "Animal Life of the North Atlantic" is also on the server. Use it to take notes about the animals and plants and their adaptations to their environment.

1c - "Coral Reefs" is now on the server. Use it to take notes on the special abiotic and biotic components of the coral reef biome and the adaptations found there.

For the rest of these movies, you are linked to the Safari Montage website. Make sure Jenkintown High School is selected as the location, then use your network username (11pbragg for example) and password. Thanks to Justin who uses this in class with Mr. Cunningham!

2 - Watch the movie "The Last Frog" online here. This movie is short and deals with what might be happening to the ecosystems where frogs live (water biomes) Take notes about the adaptations of frogs to their biomes, but also about human effects on biomes in general.

3 - Eyewitness: Fish -Watch this online here for its descriptions of the characteristics and adaptations of fish to their water biomes

4 - Amazon: Land of the Flooded Forest - Watch these sections online to review land and water biomes
Intro here
Fish in the Amazon river here
Plants and animals in the canopy here
Dangers to the Amazon here

5 - Wild Spaces of Denali Park (Alaska) - Watch the sections for biome review of tundra and taiga:
Intro here
Tundra here
Taiga here