Succession -

Biomes don't always remain static (or the same) they undergo both catastrophic (fast, dramatic) change and slow changes.

Assignments #1 and #2
Textbook readings

Due at beginning of class on Tuesday
Go over textbook readings

Assignments #3
Succession in PA Forests

Due at beginning of class on Thursday
Time to work on #3
Assignment #4 -
Ultimate Succession

Due at beginning of class on Monday
Work on Assignment #4 in the library.

Assignment #5 - Read extra articles. If there are questions, please ask them on Monday!

Quiz on Succession Next Tuesday
Monday 12/13/10
Tuesday 12/14/10
Wednesday 12/15/10
Thursday 12/16/10
Friday 12/17/10
Review worksheets on Pond succession and Land succession

Remember to carefully read and review the diagrams in your paperback textbook!

Remember to prepare and review notes on at least 2 of the listed website resources below!
Quiz on Succession

Begin reading on Natural Resources
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1. Succession Reading 1 - Read the hardback text pp. 66-70. Complete the handout given Monday. Due Tuesday 12/7/10
This is a 10 point assignment

2. Sucession Reading 2 - Read the paperback text pp. 104-108. Complete the handout given Monday. Due Tuesday 12/7/10
This is a 10 point assignment

3.Pennsylvania Forest Succession from Chance Modules. Complete the handout given Tuesday. Due Thursday 12/9/10
This is a 20 point assignment. You must follow the directions very carefully!!

4. The ultimate story of succession... Complete the handout given in class on Thursday. Due on Monday 12/13/10 (may hand in on Friday). To complete the "World Locations" section, take notes on what the location has to do with succession. If abandoned by humans; for how long? what has happened? If not abandoned; what will happen if humans leave? what structures will stop functioning and what will their lack lead to? If never touched; then what does this say about the potential of the surrounding region?
World Without Us
This is a 15 point assignment.

5. There will be 4 discussion questions on the quiz - one per each article below. You must answer 2 of them.

Their examples are all slightly different. Pay attention to dominant species and how they are different from each other. In the Brittanica article, pay attention to the different locations for succession. Remember that pioneer species are coming from nearby unaffected areas. Think about how each location would end up being different from the others.