Natural Resources - this intro uses material from the paperback text Chapter 7: Human Ecology


1. Compare/contrast using either a chart or a Venn diagram, then write a 300-400 word essay with an attached bibliography.
Read the Critical Thinking (blue box) on p. 119 of your text and think about the metaphor "Spaceship Earth". Compare and contrast at least 5 ways that Earth is like or not like a spaceship.
This assignment is worth 30 points - 7 for the chart/diagram, 18 for the essay, 5 for the bibliography in proper form. For the essay: proper spelling and grammar conventions are expected, 3 of the 18 points are reserved for creativity and originality of thought.
This was assigned on Tuesday 12/14/10
This is due on Tuesday 12/21/10 at midnight. Hard copy may be handed in on Tuesday by the end of the day. Emailed copy may be handed in time-stamped by midnight. The diagram/chart is no longer required as a separate assignment.

As an alternative to an essay - you may present this in any way that makes this more visual/auditory. Think PhotoStory, Voicethread, Prezi, Glogster, or Inspiration. Let the picture express your ideas so that your text requirement is reduced. Your presentation should be digital (Sarah P!) but you may take pictures of hand-drawings and digitize them. The requirements as to content and bibliography are the same! You still need to discuss 5 different points of comparison/contrast!

2. In-class activity: "The Resources on Your Back"
This is worth 10 points.
This is done on Thursday 12/16/10
This can only be done during class. If you are excused absent, your grade will be "ABS" and will not affect you.

3. The Story of Stuff - Watch the movie - define terms - Notes on discussion questions for "Scored Discussion" on Monday
This is worth 20 points
This is begun on Friday 12/17/10 - The scored discussion is in class on Monday.

In your paperback text, read Chapter 7 (pages 118-130)

A - Water
B - Air
C - Land Use (soil, farming, and minerals)
D - Energy