Water as a Resource - see topics by number scrolling down the page...

1- Properties of Water

2- Global Distribution of Water

3- Watersheds

4- Water Pollution

5- Water Treatment

Resources to be familiar with:

Agencies working for Clean Water
Clean Water Action
The Groundwater Foundation
DROP- The Community
Environmental ProtectionAgency

Scientific American special edition: Confronting a World Freshwater Crisis

Work assigned & due calendar

Lab Due
Notes handed out
Movie assignment given
Notes due
Lab - either stream or groundwater
No school
Movie assignment due
Watershed assignment given
  • GoogleEarth view of our watershed
  • Stream classifications
  • Watershed assignment due at the end of class
Water treatment assignment given
Water treatment assignment due at beginning of class
Begin the review: Water as a Resource. Due to be handed in at the beginning of class on Monday.

Water as a Resource Review handed in. Review for Midterm
Review for Midterm
English and Science Exams
Math and World Language Exams
Social Studies and Makeup Exams

1-Properties of Water

  • Lab - "The Properties of Water" - completed in class January 5th and 6th. Lab due at the end of class on Monday, January 10th. Everyone should complete the last page and the section titled "Exercise 5: Organizing Your Knowledge". This allows you to talk about the important terms & ideas. One person per group should hand in a complete packet.

Terminology - Polarity, Hydrogen Bonds, Cohesion, Surface Tension, Adhesion, Capillary Action, Dissolving, Density
  • Water Trivia - Done in class, not scored, keep for information purposes
  • Hardback Textbook Notes - Handouts given on Tuesday 1/11/11. Time given in class only on Tuesday. Due at the beginning of class on Friday 1/14/11

2- Global Distribution of Water

Water cycle - image for review (this is from Safari Montage - log in with your school userid and password) No handed in work due. Ability to use content vocabulary is assumed on the test and midterm.

Watch these clips from the movie Global Environmental Issues:
Chapter 1: Sustainability
Chapter 2: Environmental Trade-offs
Chapter 3: Developed and Developing Nations
Chapter 4: Food and Water
and complete this handout by the beginning of class on Thursday, 1/13/11 - 12 points

3- Watersheds

Play the Watershed Game! Then click here to download a worksheet on watersheds. Use the following links to complete the worksheet ( - printed out and the map colored in)
Assigned on Tuesday 1/18 - due by the end of class on Wednesday, 1/19/11

EPA What is a Watershed?
EPA Surf Your Watershed
Montgomery County Conservation
Watershed maps of Pennsylvania
Agents of change: natural and human

4- Water Pollution

Pollution in water comes from many different places, some of which we can identify and some of which we can't. Click to download a notes sheet where you explore the differences and actions that can be taken to reduce or prevent different types of pollution.
Protecting water
This assignment will not be collected, but the information requested in the assignment will be on the midterm!

Lab - Forensic Groundwater Contamination or Stream Contamination Forensics

5- Water Treatment

Not every sewage treatment plant uses exactly the same processes, but they are very similar. Click to download a Webquest where you answer questions about and describe the water treatment process. Use the following links in addition to your own.
Wastewater Treatment
Reclaimed Wastewater
Generalized Treatment Steps
US EPA Virtual Water Treatment Tour - Click "Skip Intro" in the upper left.
Video: Clean Water: Municipal Wastewater Treatment
Video: Clean Water: Using Bioremediation to Clean Wastewater Watch only until 2:45
Assigned on Thursday 1/20/11. Due by the beginning of class on Friday, 1/21/11
See also:
EnviroMapper - I'm trying to figure out how this works!

- Your own water footprint - http://www.waterfootprint.org

Review!! Water as a Resource.

Complete this review by the beginning of class on Monday, January 24th to be handed in and checked off. You must have your own answers. We will go over it in class on Tuesday. If your copy is complete and your answers are unique, then you will get a printed set of answers. If your copy is incomplete for any reason, or your answers identical to anyone else's or to wording on any of the provided websites, you will not.