Agriculture - Farming Plants and Raising Animals

Farming 2 Test on Thursday, April 7th. Open notes. Not open computer.

In the past unit, you looked at the land itself as a resource. Humans make many decisions about how to use land for living space, recreation, production of economic goods, and of food goods. In this mini-unit, you will focus more narrowly on the issues of food supply and how choices humans make affect the environment as well as how the environment may constrain those choices.

Book Notes - Reading text and answering questions about your reading

  • Read pp. 227-244, then come get the notes and complete them.
  • Assigned in class on 3/16. Due at the end of class on 3/17.
  • When you are finished, continue with the next activity; "3rd World Farmer"

"3rd World Farmer"- online Sustainable Agriculture Simulation and Follow-up Discussion

Click here to play the game. You and your family live in a village and need to choose crops, livestock, tools, and other supports.
  • Participation Grade 10 points - Options: play at least 12 rounds (turns) in class and show me before you leave (on Thursday 3/17) OR play on your own and send me a screen-shot after at least 12 rounds.
  • Follow-up: Discussion - 15 points - Click on the Discussion tab above and find the thread called "Third World Farmer" and write about at least 3 different strategies you tried (in at least a dozen rounds). What worked best? If you read the discussions first, then play the game, write about how someone else's strategy worked for you.
  • Due Date: Participation and Discussion are both due by the beginning of class on Monday 3/21.

Farming for the Future - Class Simulation Activity and Follow-up Questions

Your "village" of three will decide what to plant in your 10 fields over the next two years.
  • Group activity in class on Friday, March 18th
  • Participation Grade 5 points - stay focused and work in your group
  • Follow-up questions - Discussion, then handout. Done in class on Friday, March 18.
  • Due Date: Participation and Follow-up are both done by the end of class on Friday, March 18.

Additional resources - You should be familiar with these websites (that means look-listen-read!) in preparation for the test.

Additional Topics Surrounding Food - Create a Resource

Alone or in pairs, you will create a class resource for one of these topics. Your resource will have several parts, some required, one chosen from a list of possibilities. Click on the topics to learn about possible focus questions and to explore preliminary resources. Click here for the requirements for the Food Presentations project.

  • This project is due on Tuesday, March 29th.
  • This project is worth 55 points
  • You will have the entire week of March 21-25 to work on the project in class.

  • In addition to creating the content for your own page, you will write "Discussion posts" on the other wiki-pages.
  • These discussion posts may either ask questions for clarification or off constructive criticism on the content already in place.
  • These discussion posts are worth 15 points

These topics will be presented during class on Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, March 30 - April 1. You should take notes during class. Your note-taking should focus on the Environmental, Economic, and Ethical effects ascribed to that Food Topic.

You are expected to take notes on your own if you are absent. All topics will be on the Farming 2 Test.

The Farming 2 Test will be on Wednesday, April 6th. It will be open notes, but not open computer.
Suggested Timeline for this project:

Monday - 3/21 - Explore the topics, take the survey below, assign topics

Tuesday - 3/22 - Class in the library - begin work. Read assigned questions. Explore preliminary resources. Answer the questions and write new questions to help you think about your topic. Begin to brainstorm ideas framed by E-E-E (Environment, Ecology, Ethics). Format webpage to support your structure. (Hint: don't delete anything on the wiki-page. Just push unneeded material to the bottom and delete at the end)

Wednesday 3/23 - Class in the library in the afternoon - Research & write. Be sure to note web addresses to cite in your bibliography

Thursday 3/24 - Class in the library in the morning. - Research & write. If you have an extra credit opportunity, it's time to explore that now!

Friday 3/25 - No class - half-day, PM schedule. Be sure to consult with me if you are stuck. 7:15am - 8am, during 8th and 9th period in the library, or after school at 11:07...

Monday 3/28 - Last minute formatting, embed codes for media or uploading PowerPoints, proof-reading

Basic Resource Links for Everyone
USDA - United States Department of Agriculture
Raising Animals This link is specifically to pork, but the links on the left lead to poultry, beef, etc.

- Review of Farming

- Test on Farming

Future of Food

Click on this TED Talk by Cary Fowler: "One Seed at a Time"

While you're watching the video (17 minutes)