Air Pollution Test on Wednesday, May 18th!

Air as a resource

Land, water, and soil are simpler to envision as a resource. It's so obvious that we consume them in one way or another. We even have to pay for the use or consumption! But air is a more amorphous concept. We don't pay for it. We don't drive up and order it. Why is it a resource?

Book Notes 6.1

Read pp. 151-156 and take notes on the handout provided. Due at the end of class Friday April 8th.

Indoor Air Pollution

Read the informational handout and examine the diagram of the house. Fill in the chart about where pollutants are located and what health effects they have.Due at the end of class Friday April 15th. This assignment will not need to be made up by all absent students.

Book Notes 6.2

Read pp. 157-160 and take notes on the handout provided.Due at the end of class Monday April 25th.

Movie: Who Killed the Electric Car?

Discussion - 10 comments/questions/facts for each day - April 26th and 27th. No comments required for Thursday April 28th.

PowerPoint Notes

In class, Friday April 28 through Tuesday May 3rd. .Handout based on notes due on Thursday, May 5th.

Acid Rain

Answer questions about Acid Rain using these two websites:
Acid Rain and What is Acid Rain and What Causes It? Due at the end of class Wednesday May 4th

International Components of Air Pollution

You will choose 1 component of air pollution, 3 countries to compare, and try to match the sources of that pollution to both economic and health indicators, then you will post your information in both text and graphed formats on a wiki-page.
Download the full requirements here.

This is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday, May 11th.
Some class members had problems creating the graphs. You may come to school at 7:30am on Friday, or you may make an appointment with me any time 6th-9th period on Friday (I have no 7th or 8th graders that day). If you work with me one-on-one either 5/11 during class, or on Friday, then your due date is extended until Friday. Woohoo!

Links to your wikipage
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Sample Page

Online Notes and Simulation: Ozone and Smog

This activity was begun in class on Wednesday, May 11. You will have work time on Thursday, May 12. It is due at the beginning of class on Friday, May 13. (You may also use the 30 minutes available during lab to complete this activity)
Read this document and follow the directions carefully.
Anywhere there is a bold word, you should be writing an answer.
The resource used is the website Ground-level Ozone and Smog
Do the activities and answer the questions and turn in your own document using your own words.

Lab: Air Pollution Indicators

The lab activity is timed and there is a 30-minute wait period. During that period, you will complete the Lichen Webquest handed out in class. The questions may be answered using the following websites.
An Introduction to Lichen
Lichen Biology and the Environment
The Encyclopedia of Earth

In class, Friday May 13. Lab sheet, follow-up questions, and Lichen Webquest due Monday May 16 at the beginning of class.


Textbook - pp. 166-167 #3-21.Due Wednesday May 18 at the beginning of class before the test.
Online reviews (summaries)
Air Pollution and Human Health
Ozone - ground level