Quiz on Energy - Tuesday 5/24/11

Welcome to the Energy Unit! The concepts in this unit tie back to Air Pollution, and Forward to Global Warming. Think of this as a short bridge.

Wednesday, May 18th

Take Notes (handout distributed in class after the test) on the presentation embedded below.
Handwritten notes are (individually and in your own words) due on Thursday 5/19 at the beginning of class.

Biofuels -

Handout on 5/19/11 - due on Friday 5/20 at the beginning of class

The Next Phase
The Funky Butte Ranch (or how Doug Fine's Truck Exhaust Gives Him the Munchies)
Bioenergy: Fuelling the Food Crisis?
BBC Article on Biofuel in the Third World

More Energy -
In-class notes and a handout on 5/20/11 - Due Monday 5/23/11 (beginning of class)
Ocean Energy Resources
Ocean Energy
More Ocean Energy
Giant Sea Snakes (read the extra information about the video...)
More on Wave Energy Snakes
Theoretical Future Energy

Review Packet - does not include wave energy

Handed out 5/23, work day in class on 5/23
Due at beginning of class on 5/24

Quiz on Energy - Tuesday 5/24/11