What is it?
Is it good or bad?
How do you measure it?
What should we do about it?

April 29 - Text reading 10.1 - Biodiversity at Risk
April 30 - May 1 - Shannon Weiner Diversity Index Experiment
Investigation 18 Handout - Due at the beginning of class on Monday, May 4.

This experiment was a total wash out, literally! Possibly a squirrel ate a chunk out of Cheyna's catfood card. All of the honey cards were washed off with the rain, Jason got 9 ants, I found 2 on Conor's card. Bother.

May 1 - Read 10.2 Public Policy pp. 261-266. Guided Reading assignment

May 4-6th - Gorillas in the Mist (parts) - Dian Fossey, protecting and interacting with wildlife
what is anthropology? was what she was doing ethical? how did her personality and her responsibilities mesh? is she a "tragic" figure? what was her "tragic flaw"? did she make a lasting difference?

May 7 - Bio-Invasion Article and notes - The nutria, starling, "frankenfish", in Australia - rabbits, cane toad, ca mels!

May 8 - Endangered Species Podcast assignment
HW: Owls vs. Loggers (reading from text)

May 11 - Work on podcast, read notes for Aquatic Species Diversity Experiment tomorrow...

May 12 - Aquatic Species Diversity experiment (a reminder for next year, it would be easier to copy an overhead of graph paper for counting) - Podcast information due tomorrow at the beginning of class!!

May 13 - Podcast information due at the beginning of class, go over the Aquatic Species diversity experiment, Assign "Whacker Madness" Issue 14.

May 14 - CW day - Go over the math in "Whacker Madness" - % change, Exponential growth, converting inches of rain to liters and then to gallons... Endangered Species Review available below (work ahead)

May 15 - "Whacker Madness" is due. Discuss, especially questions 14-13, 14-14, 14-15.. Endangered Species Review due Monday.
CNN Article on possible solution to Extinction
US Fish and Wildlife - Endangered Species Info
Endangered Species Act of 1973
Endangered Species Bulletin
Endangered Species by State

Last year's Podcasts!

May 18 - Begin Biodiversity review. Podcast work day, Review whatever questions arise...

May 19 - Biodiversity Test!!

May 20 - Population - New Unit