Discussion Rubric

10 Point Scale
20 point scale

A well written and thought out posting(s). It addresses the question or responds to another student's posting within the topic. Personal opinions or ideas supported with outside information, statistics, quotes, etc. Statements that are not common knowledge and not contained within the readings are documented (hyperlink or reference sourced by author & title)
A well written and thought out posting(s) that shows the student has a grasp of the topic or content being discussed. However, this posting could be improved upon in some ways. Maybe the content needs a little more substance. The posting(s) might be good but the student should have elaborated more with supporting details. There are a few spelling and grammatical mistakes but not enough to detract from what is written.
Completed the assignment. The response is on topic but lacks detail or support. Grammatical and spelling mistakes are numerous enough to distract from the meaning and content of what is written and discussed. Structure of content is hard to follow or the progression of thought might not flow well.
Did not meet the minimum requirements but shows some effort and thought went into it. Failure to follow instructions, not being on topic, or difficult to read response due to poor grammar may result in this grade.
Did the assignment just to get it done. Obvious that the student put little or no thought into the posting.
Did not complete the assignment by the assigned due date. Showed disrespect toward me or a fellow student.